SNL-Global is your contact partner for all questions related to sourcing. Our expertise extends from strategic consulting to the provision of components.
Find out more on opportunities that you may successfully benefit from using SNL-Global’s network.

SNL-Global in operation

SNL-Global allows you to concentrate on your core business by taking care of the complete purchasing process – from the first RFQ to delivery of the goods.

Do you know these situations? There is somehow no way to get a hold of a potential customer. You do not find a way to speak to them? You need a door opener?
Just contact us! #business #network

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-„We will deal with it later.“
-„No time for it.“
-„Tried it but didn‘t work.“
-„You only get bad #quality.“
-„Too complicated.“

These are common #misconceptions about #Global #Sourcing! The reason is always: You chose the wrong #partner! Think about it and #contact me!

Which professional does not know these situations in which the #communication with #suppliers is cumbersome and unfruitful?How about getting support from a partner that helps you to overcome these obstacles? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more! #purchase

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With more than 10 years of experience in the field of project purchasing for Tier 1 Automotive, SNL Global is always well prepared to answer all questions related to sourcing. For example, we prepare a global sourcing strategy, compile necessary software tools, define the group of possible providers, carry out and finalize sourcing processes including escalation management.

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