SNL-Global是您合作的伙伴,帮助您解决有关采购的所有问题。 我们的专业知识从策略咨询到货物提供。




Do you know these situations? There is somehow no way to get a hold of a potential customer. You do not find a way to speak to them? You need a door opener?
Just contact us! #business #network

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-„We will deal with it later.“
-„No time for it.“
-„Tried it but didn‘t work.“
-„You only get bad #quality.“
-„Too complicated.“

These are common #misconceptions about #Global #Sourcing! The reason is always: You chose the wrong #partner! Think about it and #contact me!

Which professional does not know these situations in which the #communication with #suppliers is cumbersome and unfruitful?How about getting support from a partner that helps you to overcome these obstacles? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more! #purchase

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SNL Global在一级汽车行业的项目采购领域中拥有至少10年的经验,历来在回答和采购有关的所有问题都能做好充分准备。 例如,我们准备了一项全球采购策略,编译了必要的软件工具,定义了可能的提供商,执行并最终确定了包括升级管理在内的采购流程。

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